Character Information
Gender: Male
Species: Robot
Friends: Optimus Prime, Prowl, Bumblebee, Gumball, Darwin
Enemies: Ice King, Emperor Zurg, Megatron, Ben Tennyson
First Appearance: The Transformers I
Bulkhead is a supporting character in Houseters Gumball.


Bulkhead isn't quite your typical mudflap. Oh he really is a big clumsy mountain of a robot with a simple, untutored nature, but scratch that surface and you'll find both surprising depths and a spark of pure gold. Sure, Bulkhead enjoys goofing around with Bumblebee and "smashin' stuff" now and then, but he also has a constructive, artistic side he longs to express. He's loyal to his core and unswervingly dedicated both to doing the right thing, to his friends and to his dreams. For Bulkhead, entering the Autobot boot camp wasn't a road to glory or adventure but a way to reach his dream of becoming a real, honest-to-gosh space bridge technician.

Episode Appeared

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