Joanna Watterson
Character Information
Gender: Female
Also known as: Granny Jojo
Species: Rabbit
Age: 63
Relatives: Gumball (grandson), Darwin (adoptive grandson), Anais (granddaughter), Richard (son), Nicole (daughter-in-law), Frankie (ex-husband), Louie (husband) & Vlad (former husband)
Occupation: Retired
Voice: Sandra Dickinson
Joanna Watterson (aka Granny Jojo) is the paternal grandmother of Gunball and Drawin and Anais she is the mother of Richard Watterson and mother in law to Nicole and wife to Frankie Watterson. She's a crazy lady with glasses, and she raised Richard with his father Frankie Watterson until later when they broke up she married Vlad, a Bear, which is when she changed her name to Jojo.And she raised Richard until Richard went to college and gradated, married Nicole, had 2 kids named Gumball and Anais, and later adopted Darwin.