This is a list of characters that have been seen or mentioned in Houseters Gumball.

Special Guest Characters

Angry Birds Characters


Main Characters

Supporting Characters

Major Characters

Minor Characters

Other Characters

ve Characters
Italicized characters are considered extremely minor
Special Appearance BenBen(16 years old)Rook
The Autobots Optimus PrimeBumblebeeBulkheadProwlRatchet
The Decepticons MegatronBlackarachniaBlitzwingLugnutStarcream
The Wattersons GumballDarwinAnaisNicoleRichardGranny Jojo
The Robinsons GaylordMargaretRocky
The Fitzgeralds PennyMr. FitzgeraldMrs. FitzgeraldPenny's SisterMr. Cuddles
Tobias' Family TobiasRachelTobias' FatherTobias' Mother
Elmore Junior High Faculty Principal BrownMiss SimianMr. Small
Elmore Junior High Student Body DarillaBanana JoeTinaCarrieMasamiLeslieBobertAlanEggheadsHectorTeriCarmenMollyJamieIdahoAntonOchoJukeSussieClayton
The Senior Citizens BertPurple Moose
Other Characters LarryDoughnut SheriffSal Left ThumbDr. FinnDr. JakeSal Left ThumbMr. RexHector's Mother

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