Mrs. Fitzgerald
Mrs. Fitzgerald
Character Information
Gender: Female
Species: Peanut
Age: Possibly 40's
Friends: Mr. Cuddles (family pet)
Relatives: Penny, Penny's Sister, Mr. Fitzgerald
Occupation: Mother
First Appearance: The Welcome to Fitzgeralds
Mrs. Fitzgerald, an antlered peanut, is just like her daughter Penny Fitzgerald. She hasn't made a major appearance in the show yet, but she is introduced in the episode The Welcome to Fitzgeralds. She gets upset when Gumball Watterson destroys her younger daughter's memorial picture of Mr. Cuddles.


Mrs. Fitzgerald is an antlered peanut like her daughter Penny, but she is taller, has smaller antlers, and an hourglass figure like her other daughter. She also wears cowboy boots, suggesting she may be from the heartland.

Episode Appearance

Season 1

Season 2