Patrick Fitzgerald
Mr. Fitzgerald
Character Information
Gender: Male
Species: Peanut
Age: 40's
Friends: Gumball, Dr. Finn, Dr. Jake, Mr. Cuddles
Enemies: Tobias, Ice King, Emperor Zurg
Relatives: Penny, Penny's Sister, Mrs. Fitzgerald
Occupation: Father Construction Contractor
First Appearance: The Family Battle

Mr. Fitzgerald is a supporting character in The Amazing World of Gumball who is voiced Lewis MacLeod. He is the father figure of the Fitzgeralds. Unlike Nicole Watterson, he does not approve of Gumball Watterson and Penny Fitzgerald's relationship at first.


Mr. Fitzgerald greatly resembles his daughter, Penny, the only difference is that he is much larger and bulkier with more masculine features than his daughter. An example of this would be that he has bigger antlers than her. He also wears sandals with socks.


Mr. Fitzgerald is very protective of his family, and has a very serious demeanor. He perceives Gumball to be a troublemaker when he first meets him, but afterwards, he welcomes him. He owns and works at his own construction company, named Fitzgerald Co. Limited.

Episode Appearance

Season 1

Season 2

Season 2

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