Richard Watterson
Richard Watterson
Character Information
Gender: Male
Also known as: Mr. Watterson (only by Rocky)
Species: Rabbit
Age: 44
Friends: Dr. Finn, Dr. Jake
Enemies: Emperor Zurg, Ice King, Gaylord Robinson
Relatives: Nicole(wife), Gumball(son), Darwin(son), Rocky(adopted son), Anais(daughter), Granny Jojo(mother), Bobert(adoptive son) {Grandpa Waterson} {Father} Howard Waterson} {Grandfather}
Occupation: Unemployed
First Appearance: The Family Battle
Richard Watterson is a main character in The Amazing World of Gumball. He serves the role of the father in the Watterson family. Unlike the traditional father, however, Richard is not wise or a good role model to his children in any way. Despite his misguided advice and uncouth mannerisms, Richard has good intentions and loves his family all the same. Though, he has said that Darwin is his favorite, but denies it and says he's his favorite pet fish.


Richard has a similar appearance to his daughter Anais. They are both pink rabbits, but whereas Anais is very small, Richard is extremely obese. He has short, black whiskers on both sides of his face, and unusually long eyelashes. Even though he is unemployed, Richard is almost always seen wearing a work uniform; this consists of a buttoned-up white polo shirt and light brown pants. His lower torso is big enough to cast a shadow on the upper area of his leg. Like his wife and son, Richard goes around barefoot.


Richard is the father figure in the Watterson family, but doesn't seem to possess any responsibility or common sense. He is very immature and lazy, and is not a good role model to his children either. Despite these flaws however, Richard genuinely loves his family, and has good intentions despite his lack of intelligence and maturity. Richard has been shown however, to be clever enough to get himself out of doing chores.

He greatly enjoys eating, especially when it comes to sausages. As a result, he is overweight. His obsession with food can sometimes be his undoing, such as when he was supposed to help his wife in "The Spoon," but instead ends up licking a sausage on the floor.

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